Author: James Beltz

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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"... Are there any Kindle Unlimited books like Jack Reacher, Mitch Rapp, and Jack Ryan that deserve a spot on my Kindle?

Yes. Yes there are!... "

Seeing his wife and children slain before his eyes has him living a hermit lifestyle in Nowhere, Colorado. But time has a way of changing you, altering you, turning you into something else.

They say change is good. But is that always true?

When a chance encounter in a parking lot results in bloodshed, he finds himself on the run from both friends and enemies. It also has him facing off against the demons of his past. To end this once and for all, he must confront both his pursuers and himself.

The harsh reality is that no one knows who he really is, and neither does he.

On his vigilante quest for justice and revenge, he encounters two unlikely allies. One might help him fix his damaged soul. He could see himself choking the other.

This series takes the genre in a different direction.

See why fans are flocking to Slaughter.

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"... Pretty much has it all. Suspense, mystery, loads of action, and an antihero you want for a next-door neighbor... "

"... A fast-paced action adventure series that only left me wanting more... "

"... My new favorite hero... "

"... I assumed this hero was going to be like all of the rest. I was WRONG! It reads like a John Wick movie at times. And it is obvious the author knows his guns and his combat. No more unrealistic firearms or gun battles where there is an endless supply of ammunition. Our vigilante justice warrior even has the discipline to count his shots as they are being fired. I have never seen that before. And, there's a whole lot more in this series you haven't seen before. It's like the author tossed the genre on its head and came up with something else.

About time... "