Author: A.M. Strong

Category: Mystery & Crime Fiction

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He turned off the flashlight and stood in the darkness, soaking up her terror as she shrieked and begged for him to return. After her screams had given way to exhausted whimpers, he continued down the overgrown woodland trail with a satisfied smile. As he went, he wondered how long it would take her to die…FBI Special Agent Patterson Blake has accepted that the disappearance of her sister Julie sixteen years ago will never be solved. Until shocking new evidence comes to light that makes her question everything she thought she knew.When the grisly dumping ground of a twisted serial killer is discovered, it looks like she may have found her sister's final resting spot. This sadistic murderer has been taking girls for decades and leaving them chained up, alone and terrified, to die a slow and gruesome death. Was her sister a victim of this deranged psychopath?Now another woman has been taken, and time is running out to save her.In her quest to find the killer and discover the truth about her sister, the young FBI agent will soon discover that the past is a dangerous place, and those who dwell within are still out there, waiting for new prey.And in Patterson Blake, they might just have found it...A taut, edge-of-your-seat psychological crime thriller with a twist you won’t see coming.If you’re a fan of Jeffery Deaver, Greg Iles, or Thomas Harris, you will love Patterson Blake.