Author: Melanie Shawn

Category: Romance

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Wyatt Briggs knew exactly what he wanted in life. And more importantly, what he didn’t. As the second oldest of nine siblings, he’d ruled out being a father by the time he’d hit double digits. Wyatt valued silence, privacy, and order. He’d built the life he wanted and was not willing to compromise for any woman…until he met her. His sexy neighbor was everything he didn’t want. She was young. Wild. And in the public eye. So why couldn’t he stop thinking about her? Whitney plagued him with temptation, but he managed to resist it for years while still keeping a watchful eye on her from afar. That is until a fateful night when tragedy strikes, leaving her more vulnerable than ever. Whitney Foster had no clue what she wanted in life. For a decade, she’d lived her life in the public eye. But now, her influencer career was dwindling, and she didn’t have a backup plan. Her life was falling apart, not just professionally but personally as well. After discovering her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend, Whitney was sure she’d hit rock bottom…until she got the call that changed her life forever. When she is thrust into a life of responsibility and grief, her only lifeline is her too-hot-for-his-own-good neighbor, whom she has been lusting after for five years. Wyatt has always kept his distance, but now he keeps showing up when she needs him most. She knows she can’t survive another heartbreak, but how is she supposed to resist her sexy knight in shining armor…or, in this case…khakis?Author’s Note: Silver Lining Love is a next-door-neighbor, age-gap, insta-family, opposites attract, small-town romance.