Author: Stuart Doughty

Category: Mystery & Crime Fiction

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PI John Kite wants revenge! Injured while recovering a stolen picture, Kite is shocked to find his efforts were in vain. Deceived by a long-running fraud, he wants to get even. And nail the guilty. But Kite’s search for the truth uncovers a secret so dangerous, so well guarded, that those who learn it are killed. There’s murder in Massachusetts, and a lethal blast in London. Kite becomes a wanted man himself. He gets covert help from a courageous woman close to the perpetrators and together they fight in the air and on the ground to persuade those in power they’re right, before they can be taken out themselves. A “feelgood thriller”."Have enjoyed every Kite book... the crazy adventures... such a cool protagonist!”“This one hits it out of the park again.”“John Kite is always a great read.” (Amazon Reviews)