Author: Solomon Carter

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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Has the darkness of the past returned to claim their lives?And from whose past has it come?Ex-detective Alex Marshall came to North Cornwall to escape a cruel past, but when confronted with a local crime spree, Marshall feels compelled to investigate. It’s not long before Marshall's peaceful new way of life reaches an abrupt end.But when fate draws him to Sarah Chessy, the real mystery begins...

Why does the enigmatic Sarah seem so interested in local crime? Should the locals be trusted, or are they part of the problem?As Alex and Sarah plunge into a treacherous world of small-town crime and growing danger, Sarah's secrets threaten to push Alex away. Those secrets could be her undoing. To survive, they must work together and enlist the help of new friends. Because a time of reckoning is surely coming...Shadows of Tintagel is an electrifying and atmospheric mystery-thriller that will grip you from the very first page all the way to the shocking conclusion.An action-packed, crime adventure with lashings of romantic suspense, this story is tailor-made for fans of Ian Rankin, Peter May, JD Kirk, Joy Ellis, JM Dalgliesh, and JD RobbDon't miss this riveting tale.Get your copy now!