Author: Victoria Stevens

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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Are you trying to figure out the dark side of your personality????
Would you like to have an above-average self-awareness and invest in your personal healing and growth?
Would you like to know how to find the energies inside you to get out of difficulties, face them and grow?
If the answer is YES, then keep on reading because this guide is perfect for you!

Everybody has Inner Demons:
Everybody has a dark side hidden under the social mask you wear every day: an impulsive, hurt, sad, or isolated part that you generally ignore. Sometimes you glimpse a small part of it; other times, you witness the chaos it generates in your life, but most of the time, you try to ignore its existence out of fear, guilt, or shame.

In Jungian psychology, this unconscious aspect of the personality that the conscious ego does not identify is called the Shadow. It is your unknown ego, which can include everything outside the light of consciousness and can be positive or negative and it is often rooted in your past experiences, your upbringing, including past trauma and difficult people. Since you tend to reject or ignore the less desirable aspects of your personality, the Shadow is usually largely negative. However, this side of you can become a source of emotional wealth, and recognizing it is an essential step in your path of personal growth.