Author: Harmony Noble

Category: Romance

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“This novel is an absolute gem! The author skillfully weaves a romance that feels genuine and inclusive. Sterling and Chloe's love story is not just about love but also self-discovery and embracing life's unexpected twists. The Alaskan setting is almost a character itself, adding a magical touch to an already enchanting tale. Wilderness Rescue: Scoring Love is a triumph in the sports genre!”—Bill A. on Scoring Love“WILDERNESS RESCUE SCORING LOVE” IS A QUEER, SPICY, FAST-PACED HOCKEY ROMANCE ABOUT FINDING LOVE IN -66°F FAIRBANKS, ALASKA.”Prepare to be swept away in the hockey-inspired romance as epic as the Arctic landscape in “WILDERNESS RESCUE Scoring Love.” A sweet, opposites attract, second-chance, Cougar lesbian love story set in the freezing winter of Fairbanks, Alaska.When Sterling, the university hotshot hockey recruit, rescues Chloe from near-death in the freezing waters of Chena Lake. Sterling is smitten, while Chloe isn’t ready for love. They must navigate the treacherous terrain of secrets and small-town life, risking their dreams to find happiness.Can Sterling stop being a player off the ice to win Chloe’s heart?Can Chloe trust Sterling to reveal her secrets and open her heart to love?This inclusive, captivating, fast-paced romance novel is the love story between a hockey star grappling with her identity beyond the rink and a seasoned artist rediscovering her passion in the wilds of Fairbanks. Filled with Northern Lights, disco, hockey drama, and the magic of true love, their story explores the rugged emotions to discover that sometimes, the most remarkable victories are off the ice.Get ready to score big with a love that doesn’t follow the playbook in WILDERNESS RESCUE: Scoring Love - a 2hr, lesbian, hockey-inspired, charming romance at True Love!