Author: Carmen DeSousa

Category: Romantic Suspense

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Sam Belgarde never wanted to be the head of his family’s search & rescue team, but when life dumps responsibilities in your lap, you either run away or step up. He stepped up. He also never wanted to be a hero, but he and his search dogs can sense danger a mile away…So when a bigwig fight promoter needs someone to search for his missing fiancée, Sam’s more than a little reluctant. His family's company is in financial trouble, though, so if searching for a spoiled socialite will save it, then he's willing to break the rules — just this once.After witnessing a murder, Nora Molina needs to get away fast, and her best hope to escape without her passport is Alaska. A native of Argentina, Nora's accustomed to harsh winters and high elevation, so she gets more than a little irritated when some tracker thinks she needs rescuing. Even if he is get-out sexy. And even if he's the guy she stood up before leaving town. It's going to be a long few days.When an unexpected storm rolls in, Sam and Nora find themselves in each other's arms — to keep warm. Things get a little too hot when it's clear someone wants the two of them to stay lost — permanently.What readers are saying about the Midnight Sons series:????? "An Alaskan Adventure... Who doesn't love a bad boy? Match him with a tough, independent female, and you have a dream couple!" -- TOP 100 VINE VOICE (Sam's Folly)????? "Suspense and sensual romance are expertly combined in this riveting story." -- AVP (Sam's Folly)????? "An escape into the remote wilderness, with scenes that'll take your breath away and characters you can't help but love." -- TOP 100 VINE VOICE (Alex's Atonement)????? "Suspense and romance with a good storyline." -- Goodreads (Alex's Atonement)