Author: Melanie Shawn

Category: Romance

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As legal guardian of her nephews for a year and a half now, you'd think Allison would have this kid-raising thing figured out. Nope. She's yet to gain access to the secret internal lie detector other parents seem to have, and is still losing the battle against the mysterious teen boy odors marinating in their room. Did she mention they're twins? As in double the trouble (thank goodness for forgiving town sheriff). Really, she's just out of her depth here.To be fair though, this wasn't meant to be a solo mission. Nooo. She was supposed to have had a co-pilot to help out from day one. Kade McKnight, real life action hero hunk extraordinaire, would've been the perfect male authority figure for the boys...had he not vanished off the face of the planet.Well, it appears his holy-hotness has returneth. And now that Kade's on her doorstep here to stay, Ali isn't sure whether to hug him or slug him.She's leaning toward both...After a year and a half away from the beautiful honey-colored eyes he'd always loved having stare up at him, Kade finds himself smiling for the first time in months. Sweet Allison Walsh. Still a sight for sore eyes.Leaving town the way he did had been for the best then, truly. Having survived a childhood he wouldn't wish on his meanest MMA opponent, there's no way he could've been a good co-legal guardian. So, he'd set up financial support to help Ali the only way he could while he got his life in order. But, judging by her spitting mad glare, clearly, that had been far from enough.Guess his road to redemption is going to be a tough one. Good. He deserves it. And Ali deserves to be the one to dish out his penance. That said, the very last thing Kade expects now that he's back to help with the co-parenting load is for Ali to start dating again. As in other men--men that aren't him.Nope, not happening. Not on his watch...Stand-alone Whisper Lake romance, complete with HEA--and plenty of heat and heart along the way!Author's Note: Return to You was previously published as Whisper of Love