Author: Dr. Jeffery Skinner

Category: Spiritual & Inspirational

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Embark on a transformative journey where love becomes the bridge, faith lights the path, and mentoring shapes the future. In Reachable, discover the seven keys to building a church that reaches the next generations

.As a young boy, every Sunday I stood at the end of my driveway eagerly awaiting the "Snoopy Bus" Ms. Elaine's warm welcome and sweet treats like chocolate milk and Ding Dongs. This bus symbolized a journey filled with anticipation, at it picked up other children on the way to church. Once there, we were embraced by warm smiles and outstretched hands.Sunday became a sanctuary of peace full of unwavering and undeniable love amidst the chaos of my home. Today, I carry forward the faith that small-town Alabama church instilled in me. Imperfect but loving, they gave a hyperactive boy a sense of belonging. Now, the next generation stand at their driveways, seeking that same love and guidance. Will you answer God's call and lead them on their journey? They are reachable, eager for meaning, and just need someone to show them "The Way