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Why should I choose Free99Books for my Book Promo?

Yes, we know — there are a LOT of book promotion website services online and it’s not always clear which ones are ‘good’ and which… not so good…

And whilst Free99Books doesn’t quite have the name recognition of some of the more famous book promoters out there — you can rest assured your book promotion will be in expert hands. is owned, and run, by the same dedicated team of book lovers and publishing professionals at 

And we will be applying the same standards, and efforts, to Free99Books, as we always do — and have BIG plans, and great expectations! 

Whether you were referred here, by one of our thousands of happy authors, or you found us along your journey to find the best book promotion service online—we can both agree on one thing:

Running an book promotion via email and social media is the easiest, quickest and most effective way to build your following, boost your book downloads, and increase page reads, rankings and sales, when it’s done right…

Free99Books aims to provide authors with a quick, easy, and low budget way of letting bargain book hunters know about your Free or 99 cent book promotion — we aim to keep our prices low but your results HIGH!

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This site is named because we ONLY list books which have a ‘deal price’ of FREE or 99c (or less). And that is why people subscribe to this site: because they want the cheapest book deals.

Therefore, we WILL NOT list or promote your book if your deal price is higher than $0.99c USD

ADVISORY NOTE: We cannot guarantee results with our service – but we work daily to ,make ours the best Book Promotion Service for our valued authors and publishers.


If you need a promotion within 48 hours of submitting your book details, you are required to pay a $5 ‘Late Submission Fee’ to ensure your book is moved to the top of the schedule queue.


Any STANDARD or PREMIUM promotion can be upgraded to a ‘Featured Position’, which places your book at the top of our newsletter, with a ‘featured’ tag.


Authors, Publishers and Promoters with multiple titles can apply for a price reduction on bulk ordersGET IN TOUCH!