Author: Liz Isaacson

Category: Spiritual & Inspirational

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He's back home to record the band's next album and looking for a soft place to fall after a devastating break-up. She runs the small town bookshop in Coral Canyon and needs a new boyfriend to get her old one out of her life for good. Can Georgia convince Otis to take another shot at real love when their first kiss was fake?
Otis Young tried the same dating app that led his younger brother to happily-ever-after. Too bad it didn't work out for him. He returns to Coral Canyon with his brothers as they prepare to record their next album, his heart in shreds and his plans for the future in tatters. All he knows is he needs the support of his family, and they've always welcomed him with open arms.
Georgia Beck owns the bookshop in downtown Coral Canyon, and she knows the Young family well. After all, one of her best friends is the librarian, and Abby just married Otis's brother, Tex. When her ex-boyfriend keeps coming round the shop, trying to get her back, she needs a convincing reason for him to leave her alone.
That reason is a new boyfriend, and the only person in the shop at the time is Otis Young. He's always keen to help a woman in distress, but he wasn't expecting a fake kiss to spark something very real inside his wounded heart.
The more he visits the bookshop - his daughter really loves to read - the more he and Georgia realize how much they have in common. Otis has a lot of healing to do, what with his daughter living with him full-time now and no rose-colored glasses in sight when it comes to finding a soulmate. Can Georgia show Otis that love can heal all wounds and convince the stand-offish cowboy that she won't hurt him?