Author: Julia Clemens

Category: Popular Fiction

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After darkness, there will always be light. A new beginning. Gen is more than ready to step up to her new role as Maddie's mother. The way that Maddie became Gen's daughter doesn't matter, just that she is. But just as Gen is wrapping her mind around her new role and embracing all things girly and pink, Gen gets a delicious surprise. However, as wonderful as this surprise is, can their brand new family handle any more change?Rich's betrayal tore Deb apart, but Deb now feels stronger because of what she endured—not that she'd ever thank Rich for the hell he put her through. Now a newer, stronger Deb is ready to jump back into the world of dating in the same way as any twenty-first century woman: online. As her best friend, Bess feels cautious about Deb's decision. But when Deb sees the handsome picture of the first man the site has ready for her, there’s no talking Deb out of it. She is going to date ... and she's going to date that guy.Olivia is growing and moving on ... literally. She moves from her parents' home to rent the backyard cottage of none other than Dean Haskell—the saint of a man who has saved Olivia more than once. And although she senses her feelings of attraction growing for the man and thinks he might possibly feel the same way about her, Olivia knows the baggage she carries is still too fresh and heavy for anyone to deal with. Especially a man who deserves the world, like Dean. So against every female cell in Olivia's body, she decides that she and Dean will just be friends.Bess feels like her world has finally been righted. Her food truck is thriving, her children are moving forward, and her friends are doing well. After months of trying to decide what was best for her family, and especially for herself, Bess pulled the trigger on divorcing Jon. And although she will always have love in her heart for the man who was by her side for thirty years, the betrayal she experienced was too much to just let him walk back into her life. But when another man—ten years Bess's junior, charming, good-looking, and extremely into Bess—falls into her lap, Bess isn't sure what to do. Dating a new man feels wrong, but then so does going back to Jon. Join the women of Whisling on this next thrilling and beautiful chapter of their lives in New Beginnings on Whisling Island. Grab your copy TODAY!