Author: A. Roy Milligan

Category: Popular Fiction

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Explore the Darkest Corners of Human Mind and Soul With This Intricately Crafted Urban Fiction Drama!

They say that love is blind, but can it make you throw your whole life away…

Triangle is a naïve 16-year-old girl with no role model in her life, blindly in love with her older boyfriend Ant. He is all that Triangle has, but Ant is ruthless towards her – he's constantly pimping her out like an underage prostitute to all of his friends. He couldn't care less about who Triangle is having sex with, just as long he is getting paid for it.

But when one of Ant's pimping-out-session takes a dark turn, he is forced to protect himself and ends up with a dead body on his hands. Trying to cover up the crime, Ant stashes the body in an old abandoned van and tells Triangle to drive away with the van.

Unaware of the dead body in the back, Triangle and her friend Sincere thought that they were just going out for a joy ride through the 'hood, until she is pulled over and the police officer notices something wrong in the back of the van...

Will Triangle take the murder case and go to jail for life, or will she rat her boyfriend out – the one she loves so much?

Dark and gritty, Naive to the Streets is a captivating urban fiction drama that will take you on a unique journey through the darkest corners of the human mind and soul and show you how it looks and feels when love clashes with reason.

Revel in the story of a precarious and naive teenage girl as her whole world starts to collapse and find out what Triangle will do about that.

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