Author: M.M. Boulder

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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Lucille Stevenson has a secret...Attacked at home by an unknown assailant, meek Lucille Stevenson should be dead, but she isn’t. She should have called the police, she should have told her family, she should have done a lot of things, but she didn’t. Because what Lucille did to her attacker went far beyond self-defense. It was cold, brutal, and vicious; and if anyone found out, her life would be over. Unfortunately, her biggest problem isn't getting rid of the body; it's that she really enjoyed killing the man and can't wait to do it again...Fans of psychological thrillers and edgy murder mysteries look no further!If you're into morally ambiguous (but likable) characters who are willing to kill when pushed too far, then this is the book for you! Never bland and always the perfect blend of murder, mystery and dark humor that you crave!GRAB THIS DELICIOUSLY-DARK PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER ABOUT GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER TODAY!And click 'Follow' on Amazon for release notifications and sign up for new release notices and free stories from me at Thanks!Please note that each book in this collection is a complete stand alone story with a unique cast of characters and that there is no official reading order as each book is a self contained story. Enjoy!See what other awesome readers had to say:?????“Love it. Great read. Quirky. Well written. Interesting and amusing. The surprise ending was killer.”?????“Great Read. I so enjoyed this book. Deadly subject but lighthearted approach made it out-of-the-ordinary and fun to read. Always good to see "just deserts."?????“Beautifully written. The characters were fascinating and it goes without saying, unique! This is totally a different kind of book than I normally read, but M.M. Boulder nailed it!”?????“I could NOT read this fast enough! This book is so exciting, shocking and mind blowing.”?????“This book grabbed my attention from the first chapter until the last page. It was unlike any other story line that I have ever read.?????“As I was reading and realized what the story was about I wanted to hate it, but for some reason I couldn't stop reading and I definitely couldn't hate it.”Enjoy ALL the Twisted Tales of M.M. BoulderMY BETTER HALFTHE LAST DOORMY ONE AND ONLYWE ALL FALL DOWNTHE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILTAlso Available Writing as M.M. Crumley THE HOUSE OF GRAVES Complete Five Book SeriesBook 1: THREE LITTLE GRAVES & THE BIG BAD WOLFBook 2: OVER THE RIVER & THROUGH THE WOODBook 3: FIRE BURN & CAULDRON BUBBLEBook 4: A HUNTING, A HUNTING WE WILL GOBook 5: AND HE WALKED A CROOKED MILE (Pre-Order Now)THE IMMORTAL DOC HOLLIDAY On-going SeriesBook 1: HIDDENBook 2: COUP D'ÉTATBook 3: RUTHLESSBook 4: INSTINCTBook 5: ROGUESBook 6: EMPIREBook 7: OMENSBook 8: CHASMBook 9: FERALBook 10: OBLIVIONBook 11: RELENTLESSBook 12: REQUIEMBook 13: HELLIONBook 14: SHADOWSBook 15: INDEBTEDBook 16: FATHOM& More Coming Soon...Also read and listen to THE LEGEND OF ANDREW RUFUS Complete Seven Book SeriesBook 1: DARK AWAKENINGBook 2: BONE DEEPBook 3: BLOOD STAINEDBook 4: BURIAL GROUNDBook 5: DEATH SONGBook 6: FUNERAL MARCHBook 7: WARPATHMore at