Author: Kristen Chaney Beard

Category: Mystery

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He’s a small town cop waiting for his love to come home and clear his name. She returns without her memory. Will the truth destroy their second chance at forever?

Molly only remembers the last four years living in California. Then her parents died, forcing her to seek answers. A clue sends her to Ridge City, a small town in Oregon. She hopes it will spark a memory. She meets Trent Williams, a Ridge City police detective, and something else definitely sparks.Without any leads, Trent Williams lived under the town's suspicions about Molly's disappearance. Then she walks right into his station and looks him in the eye without any recognition. He fears the reasons behind her disappearance and amnesia, but he's forced to dig for answers to clear his name and make sure she's safe. Molly is shocked that not only does Trent know her, but he takes on her case and promises to do everything he can to solve it. He wants to know why she left town, with her parents, but without a word to anyone. She can only tell him she knew her parents briefly before they died, or were they murdered? Trent has his own secrets, but they have a mystery to solve. As they work together, and Molly meets their old friends, she realizes her relationship with Trent went deeper than memories. How could she have forgotten her lifelong friend and love? Has he really been waiting and looking for her for the last four years?There’s also the possibility that she did something awful. Maybe that’s why she’s afraid to remember her old life. Molly knows she wants Trent now, but the truth might destroy their love.

Can she love him again if she doesn’t remember him?Order your copy today to find out - and start the Ridge City Mystery Thriller Series!

Includes bonus novella!