Married by Christmas by Isabella Hargreaves

Author: Isabella Hargreaves

Category: Romance Books

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Previously published in August, 2020 in the multi-author anthology 12 Rogues of Christmas

Pressured to marry Mr Wrong, can she wed Mr Right by Christmas?

Orphaned heiress and debutant, Lauren Edwards, yearns for a loving husband, a home, and a family, but she’s in love with her guardian, who acts like a fond uncle. When Lauren discovers the earl to whom she is engaged will never relinquish his mistress, it’s time to take her future into her own hands.

Sir Oliver Masterton, Lauren's guardian, wants to avoid the mistake his father made, of marrying a debutant, but he’s secretly in love with his ward.

Time is running out. Can Lauren convince Oliver to set aside all his pre-conceptions about marriage, outrun her pursuing relatives, and be happily married by Christmas?