Author: C. Morgan

Category: Romance

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I’m the guy every woman wants to go home with at the end of the night.One problem though. I don’t have time for romance.Hell, I can barely squeeze in a one-night stand here and there.As a self-made billionaire in the tech space, my work is my life.Unfortunately, my reputation as a rich jerk precedes me and isn’t entirely off.Thankfully, my sister is a successful public-relations consultant and has an idea, a way to soften my image a little. Her best friend is the answer.But the woman that shows up to help me with philanthropy looks nothing like the girl I remember.She’s rocking her jeans and T-shirt in ways that leave me wanting far more than I should.Pretty soon, the lines are blurred between me wanting to help my company and me wanting to help myself to another serving of her.I’m all for looking like a good guy to help my profits soar, but I’ve got bad boy things on my mind.This woman is stealing my attention.She’s looking real good.God help us both.

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