Author: Erin Swann

Category: Romance

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Two more steamy unforgettable love stories. Contains: Return to London, and The Rivals.Return to London:What should have been a second chance became an impossible choice…Rebecca:We met years ago. I left. He let me go.Now, I’m on the biggest case of my career. Undercover to catch the jewel thief sounded challenging, even fun. Until, I learned who my partner would be. When fate pairs us up again, I want to put up walls. The job demands they come down.The assignment should have been simple. But, the attraction between us only complicates things. Every minute around him had me questioning both my past and my future.This should have been my second chance, but there wasn’t any way forward. No matter how this ends, we are destined to ruin each other.Ethan: When I first saw her on the street, I retreated. When I next saw her in the hospital, I rushed in.A fake engagement made sense as a cover for the investigation. Soon the lines between past and present, between reality and fiction become blurred.When family secrets force an impossible choice, I can’t see a way out.The Rivals:We all have a boy who was our first crush. I never expected to meet up with mine again.Danielle:Our families vacationed together for years. The summer I turned sixteen, hormones raged, and I developed a huge crush on Charlie Blakewell. It ended badly when my dad and his had a huge argument. Even talking to anyone in the rival family became a crime.I grew up, and like a good girl, I joined the family firm and waited for my turn at an important assignment. As usual, my brother, John got tapped for the latest acquisition, but my turn would come.When John got in an auto accident, my turn came earlier than expected. The surprise came when Dad declared we were doing a joint deal with the Blakewells. I would be working side by side with Charlie after all these years.When things started going wrong, I had to question everything I thought I knew, and all the decisions I’d made. Was he the cause of all my problems, or the answer to my prayers?Our time together would soon come to an end. If only the clock could be turned back.Charlie:I’d been spied on during the negotiations, and when Dad said we were changing our offer to a joint deal with the Wentworths I couldn’t believe it. They were likely the ones behind the surveillance.At first, when Danielle replaced her older brother John in the deal, I considered it good luck. Then things started going haywire. When busy days turned into heated nights, I had to decide if she’d been sent to distract me with her curves and that smile. Were we working toward the same goal, or were my hormones coloring my judgment?Events soon forced a choice. But, how could I choose between her and my family?