Author: Cheryl Bradshaw

Category: Thriller & Suspense

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From New York Times Bestselling Author Cheryl Bradshaw comes book two in her exciting new mystery series.When a dead body is found in the walls during a home renovation, detective Georgiana Germaine gets swept into a cold case murder. Whose body lies within the walls of the house and what ties does it have to the death of Georgiana's father more than three decades earlier?Love mysteries with a surprising twist? Little Lost Secrets will hook you from the first page.Books in this Series:Little Girl Lost (Book 1) USA Today Best-Selling BookLittle Lost Secrets (Book 2)Little Broken Things (Book 3)Little White Lies (Book 4) Little Tangled Webs (Book 5)Little Shattered Dreams (Book 6)Little Last Words (Book 7)Little Buried Secrets (Book 8)Little Stolen Memories (Book 9)Little Empty Promises (Book 10) October 2024 Readers are Saying:"Well written and leaves you guessing." - Vine Voice ??????????"Another well written mystery with lots of twists and turns." - Vine Voice ??????????"I devoured 2 books in 2 days. Wowza!" ??????????"WOW!!! I could not book this book down. Honestly I started reading it and didn't stop. The suspense is amazing." ??????????"The cast of characters is fantastic." ??????????"This book is probably my favorite that Bradshaw has written so far!" ??????????"I love when a book surprises me. In this one, I had NO idea it would end up as it did." ??????????"I am absolutely loving this series." ??????????