Author: Kathryn Shay

Category: Contemporary Romance

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She’s too good for this world and he’s her worst nightmare…Sasha Masters moves away from the political limelight to picturesque Upstate New York. She wants to live quietly without all the fanfare of being a president’s daughter. She opens her own dance studio, has a house close to one of her sisters and is finally content and relaxed.Enter Danny Larson. He gets a job at her sister’s farm to save money for a degree in agriculture. But it’s nearly love at first sight when he gets a glimpse of Sasha. They fall for each other, though there’s something not right about him that she can’t quite pinpoint.She’s right. Dan is keeping a secret and it’s a whopper. Can he maintain his dual life or will his love for her make him confess all?If he does tell her, he’ll lose his life-long dream.If he doesn’t tell her, he’ll lose Sasha.