Author: Leslie Wolfe

Category: Thriller & Suspense

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“WOW!… Never did I anticipate I would be closing the book at 3am... This book was insane!… gripping… so darn good!” Goodreads reviewer, ?????If you’re reading this, I’ve gone missing. I close the binder I’ve been writing in, and walk into the living room. As I stare out of the window at your house next door, I think about all the things I stand to lose if someone comes for me. My handsome, loving husband, who has no idea what I’ve done. My family, who have supported me no matter what. This beautiful home near the ocean, where I thought I would be safe.Everyone says that I’m paranoid, but I just think I’m prepared. My secrets have placed me in terrible danger.So if the worst happens, this binder contains everything you’ll need to find me, hidden in a place only you could guess. You’ve always known me best of everyone, ever since we were girls. You’ll be able to put the pieces together and uncover the truth.Only you can find me. But you’ll need to do it fast.Because if you don’t, all your lies will come to light too…From the no.1 Kindle bestselling author of The Surgeon, comes an outrageously twisty and compelling psychological thriller that you simply won’t be able to put down! Perfect for fans of Shari Lapena, Gillian Flynn and Freida McFadden. See what readers are saying about If I Go Missing:“WOW!!! What a way to kick off 2024!!!… the best missing person case EVER that I have read (and I read a lot)!!! I just loved this book and could not get enough of it!!… beyond 5 stars!!… an insanely gripping fast-paced read that will keep your eyes glued to your Kindle!!” Heidi Lynn’s Book Reviews, ?????“Wow!!!!! Secrets, secrets, and more secrets!!!!!… I loved… I was like OMG turning each page… fantastic.” Goodreads reviewer, ?????“Wow, I wish I could give this more than 5 stars! What a ride… had me gripped from the beginning, and it was such a roller-coaster… I couldn’t wait to find out how it ended… Definitely recommend!!” Goodreads reviewer, ?????“WOW!!!… more twists and turns than a plate of spaghetti!!! I loved it. A must-read.” Goodreads reviewer, ?????“Wow, just wow! Misdirection and twists snuck up on me when I was least expecting them… I found myself holding my breath waiting for the next gotcha… I can’t recommend this book highly enough!” Goodreads reviewer, ?????“A must-read… I loved this!… You will not be able to put this one down!… Fast-paced, twisty, and well-plotted. It will keep you turning the pages into the wee hours of the morning… Fantastic.” @JudithDCollins, ?????“There is so much more to this story!… So many layers, so many questions, my mind was busy seeking new answers every chapter! I’ve read many of Leslie Wolfe’s books – If I Go Missing is one of the very best!” Goodreads reviewer, ?????“Damn good! Gripping… I tried to force myself to stop because I didn’t want to finish too quickly but that didn’t happen and oh boy that ending was mind-bending!” Goodreads reviewer, ?????“Literally read in one day this book is SO good!… When you think you have this mystery figured out the author throws in another twist. Excellent book!!” NetGalley reviewer, ?????