Author: Alan Lee

Category: Thriller & Suspense

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A former cosmetic lobbyist,now a rookie patrol officer,she's the newest fixationof a lurking serial killer.At thirty-years-old, Officer Stackhouse is the oldest in her Police academy's graduating class and hellbent on reaching the FBI before the cut-off age. Her first step -- patrol. She responds to a call in Creepy Hollow, where a teenager has run away, a commonplace incident. But there's nothing commonplace about what Stackhouse finds when she begins digging. A serial killer is at work and has been for years, undetected until now. Even faced with the evidence, Stackhouse's supervisors are reluctant to believe. The case soon becomes personal, however, when the killer's attention shifts to her. If Stackhouse wants to survive her first year, she'll have to prove there's nothing soft about a girl with a badge...

Review ????? "This is a psychological thriller that is so twisted" - Janie, Amazon Review ????? "I couldn't put it down. A fast, intriguing "who done it ". I can usually spot the killer by the 3rd chapter but not this read." - Debbie, Amazon Review ????? "This origin story hits every note, and Lee's love for his characters is evident." - Roger, Amazon Review ????? "Addicting. Bet you can't read just one." - Lucile, Amazon Review