His to Save by Julia Keanini

Author: Julia Keanini

Category: Romance Books

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Who knew a bunny slipper could snag the man of her dreams?Reliable, school teacher Lottie is always on time. ALWAYS. So of course it would happen that the only day she wakes up late is today. The day she has to be on a flight back to her small hometown of Blue Falls to try to rescue the suddenly struggling business her family has spent generations building. A flight she can't miss and definitely can't afford to replace. Arriving at the airport with no makeup, no time to spare, and in her bunny slippers wasn't how Lottie imagined her morning going. Also not part of the plan? Running into Prince Charming on her flight. He's handsome, funny, and he saved her errant bunny slipper to boot. But Lottie is on her way home and who knows where a gorgeous jet-setter like Leo is headed. However, when Leo shows up in Blue Falls fate seems to be smiling on Lottie. Maybe she should be late more often. But when Leo turns out to be a billionaire in disguise and part of the rival business that is driving Lottie's family business into the ground? She has to walk away, doesn't she?Grab your copy of this sweet and wholesome romance TODAY!