Author: Shawna Coleing

Category: Spiritual & Inspirational

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Charlotte, seeking solace in a quiet town after a harrowing overseas trip, discovers that a life of safety no longer satisfies her longing for adventure. So, when her sister, an undercover agent, sustains an injury that halts her operation, Charlotte seizes the opportunity to step into her sister’s role, taking on what appears to be a simple assignment.Meanwhile, Will has spent years tirelessly searching for a kidnapped friend, desperately clinging to hope despite a trail that has long gone cold. When his undercover partner is injured and she proposes training her twin as a replacement, Will is torn by the ghosts of his past. The idea of involving a civilian weighs heavily on his heart, but the urgency of their mission persuades him to take the risk.Little do they know that Charlotte’s involvement will lead them down a perilous path when the operation takes an unforeseen turn and they find themselves in a life-and-death struggle they never could have imagined. Now, they must surrender to God’s guiding hand and trust that He can lead them through the darkest of trials. But will it be enough to save them in this lifetime? Or will their enemy be the one to send them into eternity?