Author: John R. Mabry

Category: Spiritual & Inspirational

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Are Eastern and Western religions completely different from one another? Is there a way of bridging those differences?Various religions may not sing the same song, but they can harmonize. In God As Nature Sees God, religion scholar John R. Mabry invites Christians to open their minds and hearts to how other people of other faith traditions experience and understand the divine Mystery behind the universe. Beginning with a clear, easy-to-understand translation of the Tao Te Ching (The Book of the Way and It’s Power) Mabry compares the teachings of two ancient spiritual leaders: Jesus and Lao Tzu. The teachings of Jesus, of course, inspired the Christian faith, while Lao Tzu, whose teachings are recorded in The Tao Te Ching, influenced the Chinese religion of Taoism. You’ll discover that the wisdom found in The Tao Te Ching not only closely parallels Jesus’ teachings, but illuminates core elements of the Christian faith. Moreover, this ancient Chinese classic hauntingly echoes the Christian Gospel throughout, expressing truths we are supposed to know but often do not. In showing us how the natural world perceives its Creator it reveals the gospel as more compassionate, relevant, and universal than we ever imagined. In this book, you will discover:Is the Tao the same as God?How paradox is at the heart of all religionThe role of desire in our spiritual livesThe spiritual benefits of not-strivingThe secret to spiritual leadershipThe Oness of all thingsWith a glowing foreword by Matthew Fox, God As Nature Sees God highlights the profound harmony between two very different religions. In a time when we have never been more divided, this book brings East and West together in a way that inspires the mind and nourishes the soul. If you have been hungry for a reader-friendly feast of interfaith wisdom, God As Nature Sees God will fill you up! Start reading today.