Author: Lisa Alexander

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If you want to help yourself and others heal physically, emotionally, and mentally, as well as transform spiritually, keep reading.

Many people are struggling with health issues, physical pain, and emotional burdens, or are seeking changes in their world — whether in finances, career, or relationships. They’ve tried a few things with little success and are ready for a new approach.

Have you been feeling ill, unhappy, or just not right? Are you tired of allopathic (traditional Western) doctors and medications? Have you tried chiropractors, acupuncture, massage, herbal remedies, and various energy healings and talk therapies — and still feel no real improvement?

Do you feel like you’ve read every self-help book out there — you’ve been practicing the “laws of the universe” and positive thinking — yet your life still feels like it’s in the dumps? Well, there was a time when Lisa Alexander did too!

Through years of research in quantum metaphysics, vibration, and energy, Lisa found a way to hack our vibrational energy systems to bring us into a higher state of alignment with all the things we want in our life.

Reading this book will …

Open your world to the enormous amount of human potential we each have to heal and transform that may generally be lying dormant.Give you a deep understanding of the science behind how our world operates.Bring the history and power of sound from the dawn of time through the ages to the present.Show how proper sound therapy can help you on a multitude of levels.Clarify the proper use of specific tuning forks and how their frequencies can tune your mind, body, and spirit into unlimited potential.Demonstrate simple ways to raise your vibrational energy quickly and efficiently.Bonus: Provide a step-by-step guide to using specific tuning forks.

By learning to elevate your personal vibrational rate through Vibrational Sound and Energy Therapy, you will find greater joy, peace, health, and ease, along with these other specific potential outcomes:

Release of stressEasy and quick inducement of a deep state of relaxationReduction or elimination of depression, anxiety, and panicReduction or elimination of addictionsReduction or elimination of perimenopausal and menopausal symptomsIncrease in physical energy levelImproved mental concentration and claritySounder sleep and more vivid dream experiencesReduction of arthritis, back, and other chronic painDevelopment and refinement of sonic, intuitive, and clairvoyant ability

Author Lisa Alexander, Ph.D., has spent over a decade researching, developing, and creating the new, revolutionary Alexander Method® of Vibrational Sound & Energy Therapy. Her updated methods provide new perspectives on healing for anyone — including energy workers, massage therapists, and sound healers — looking to overcome obstacles in their lives and live a naturally high-vibing life full of unlimited possibilities.

Through this work, Lisa has helped thousands heal and transform on a multitude of levels. Now she is taking her method and techniques out to others to teach and mentor people how to be practitioners of this work and be a ripple effect so this world can quickly raise its vibration to help heal and transform us all.

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