Author: Kimmy Loth

Category: Contemporary Romance

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????? I have new book boyfriend. Everyone needs a Jamie to show up on their doorstep.????? Be prepared for a long night. Once you start, you won't stopMy new roommate was supposed to be a girl…Imagine my surprise when the dead sexy famous photographer Jamie Green shows up with his dog.I'm tempted to tell him to get lost, but I need the cash to keep my house. But Jamie has problems of his own. He just found out his kid being neglected and he's going after custody. He presents a proposal that can fix both our problems—get married.I say yes, but only because we sign a prenup that will leave me a million dollars richer at the end of a year and a promised divorce.His lawyer told him that when social services starts sniffing around we have to act like we're really married.That means he has to move into my room. The bed's a queen and he's six four.....