Author: J. T. Bishop

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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A serial killer returns to torment the woman once determined to catch him. This time, she's not backing down.

Former detective Jill Jacobs is forced to confront the Makeup Artist, an elusive psychopath whose trail of terror left seven dead and whose obsession with her almost destroyed her.When the Artist strikes again in a new city, Detectives Gordon Daniels and Aaron Remalla seek out Jill, whose strange telepathic connection to the killer is their best hope to catch him.Desperate and plagued by guilt, Jill’s only chance to find closure is to confront the man who stalked her and his grisly crimes. But there’s a catch. She must return to the mindset that bound her to him. The mindset the killer still seeks from her.But choosing to help Daniels and Remalla will not only risk her life but also her heart, when she falls for one of them, drawing the attention of the man she’s driven to capture.After losing everything, can she find the courage to face the murderer who took it all away, and is eager to do it again?

First Cut

is book one in the

Family or Foe

Saga, a four-part crime thriller with a paranormal edge which introduces the charismatic Detectives Daniels and Remalla. It is followed by

Second Slice, Third Blow


Fourth Strike

, or enjoy all four books in the

Family or Foe


Boxed Set.

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