Author: Russell Sullman

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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Recalled from night fighter trials in Scotland, Squadron Leader Harry Rose resumes command of Excalibur Squadron as the Allies prepare for the liberation of Europe.
In the coming fight to wear down the waiting enemy defences, the seaborne landings and then the desperate breakout into France, Rose and Excalibur squadron will be pushed to their very limits and beyond.
Flying in the close support ground-attack role, Excalibur and the other Typhoon squadrons of Second Tactical Air Force will brave the deadly Nazi defences again and again, their numbers dwindling as flak, fighters and fatigue take their toll.
Despairing, strained and exhausted, they must fight until they claim victory, or death claims them…
Book 4 in the Harry Rose series, and covering the prelude to Invasion, D-Day, and the Battle for France from January to September 1944, Fighter Fury is the thrilling continuation of the RAF's WWII campaigns that sees the battle move away from Britain to mainland Europe.
100% of the royalties from these books are donated to the Royal British Legion