Author: Nick Nielsen

Category: Horror & Paranormal

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When a streetwise skeptic discovers a cosmic long con, can he rescue humanity from a dark fate?

London. Jake is short on trust. After surviving for seven years in a gang, the twenty-three-year-old thief plans to buy his freedom with one last job at a ribbon-cutting for the mega rich. But he can hardly believe his own eyes when a supernatural force crashes the prototype super-train into the station, killing everyone but Jake.Tracked to the hospital by the terrible powers seeking to finish him off, the savvy conman flees with a young nurse determined to understand what he's up against. And Jake is certain he's the one being played when a doddering priest lays out a preternatural conspiracy as old as the universe.Can this reluctant hero shed his all-consuming cynicism and undertake a journey to save humankind?


is the thought-provoking first book in the


urban fantasy trilogy. If you like smart but flawed protagonists, exploring the nature of reality and belief, and plenty of action, you'll love Nick Nielsen's eye-opening tale.Buy


to see through the illusion today!