Author: R.L. Ryker

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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Murder lurks in the shadows of the Pacific Northwest’s Olympic Mountains.

A year after his brother is killed in the line of duty, former homicide detective Brandon Mattson returns to Forks, WA to take command of his hometown’s fledgling police force.Brandon’s respite from homicide is short-lived when a body washes ashore on the nearby Quileute Reservation. Vicious fang marks and a series of ominous vampire-related graffiti point to members of a local blood-sucking cult. But Brandon is not so sure wannabe vampires are to blame, and it soon becomes evident that more than one person had reason to murder the young woman.Balancing the investigation and small-town politics while raising his fifteen-year-old daughter, Brandon is running out of time to solve the case before the bloodthirsty killer claims another victim.

Praise for the Brandon Mattson Series

"I highly recommend this series and author to fans of murder mystery/detective/thriller novels."

Kayla Krantz

"This is a great story that intrigues you and keeps you wanting to read more! Loved this book!"

Merilyn Renaudin

"The author has a gift for writing about people as they really are, and describing the area as it really is."

Maverick Pilot

"Tops my charts for suspense, easy immersion, and great characters. It was a delight to read."

David Brown, Darling Axe Senior Editor

"I love the way the author pulls you in right at the beginning and makes it a hard book to put down till you have read it all."

L. Huff

"Gets the reader’s attention from the beginning."

Claudete Takahashi

"They just keep getting better. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series."

Lynda Custer

"Murder, mystery, suspense, betrayal, lies and a second chance at love."

Romaine Heart

"From the very beginning the book feels small-town-comfortable... Eventide is a competent, well-designed logical story with just the right elements of description, tension and resolution."

Carl Brookins, Buried Under Books

"Enjoyable read with several tension-filled moments - but what would a murder mystery be with no tension and surprises? Having grown up in a small town, I felt like I knew some of the characters."

Korinne Tande