Author: John Nuckel

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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“Drive keeps you moving until the very end.” - Cyrus Webb, Top 100 Reviewer, Amazon Vine Voice ?????

Either you’re in or you’re out.Enter the world of the Volunteers.In the late 19th Century, Woodbury Kane, a captain from Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders, forms a secret society with the support of leading American industrialists and bankers. Over a century later, the tradition continues, in the same saloons and boardrooms of New York City, where it all began.

In this crime thriller, where historical and current events unite, Kane, Roosevelt, and Jacob Riis, a muckraking journalist, fight the tyranny of Tammany Hall in the first mission of the Volunteers during the late 1800s.

In today’s New York City, the descendants of the Volunteers recruit Annie Falcone, a police officer. She takes the oath: Et Omnia Recta, to make things right. She must protect the life of one man, Pap Martinez, America’s top technological mind, from a great adversary, Sheng, China’s most brutal and dark hacker. Her instincts alone will be the force behind the success or failure of the mission. Like so many good Volunteers before her, Annie’s survival depends upon her courage, her skill, and her drive.

Drive is on the must-read list for readers who love …

Any of John Nuckel’s popular novels including other titles from the Volunteer Series: Harlem Rhapsody and Dakota.Nonstop, page-turning action that combines contemporary realistic fiction with historical events and notable people in modern historyBooks featuring organized crime, heists and robberies, kidnappings, espionage, and deceptionSeries collections and movies where the drama continues featuring both women and men as protagonistsGifts for fans of thrillers, suspense, mysteries, creative nonfiction, and historical fictionBest-seller titles like The Alienist by Caleb Carr, Devil in the White City by Eric Larsen, Harlem Shuffle by Colton WhiteheadBooks in the style of Ken Follet, David Baldacci, Michael Connelly, Jonathan Kellerman, and Amor Towles

Drive is the first release of The Volunteer Series and a stand-alone novel.Available in audiobook and Kindle ebook. Drive is also a Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime novel.

Praise for Drive

"What promises to be a series combines suspense with a sense of history. Author John Nuckle writes in a galloping style that builds tension and he has an eye for tasty dialogue .... I would recommend Drive for readers male and female … especially those readers among my friends and colleagues who are looking for a historical novel with a little more octane." - J.D. Dehart ?????

“John Nuckel’s writing is smooth and intelligently executed .... His character development is solid and his historical research must have been very thorough for the historical figures to be so well articulated.” - Angie Gallion ?????

“Fabulous read with a masterful mix of fiction and history .... Clear your calendar because you won’t be able to put this one down.” - J. Leigh Jackson ?????

“I tend to alternate between books on history and suspense novels (Baldacci fan) and this was a great find .… If you are a fan of suspense novels, I recommend this as one that will break the routine of many of those formula books.” - Sue M."Another excellent book by John Nuckel, who has now become one of my favorite authors .... I had a very hard time putting it down and can't wait for the next book in the series!" - Hillmo ?????

"Once you “get in,” the book takes over and does the “driving!” Fast-paced and exciting, you won’t be sorry you read the book!” BrooksBjur ?????