Author: Keith Abraham

Category: Mystery & Crime Fiction

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"A stunning book and a new series that has become a must read." M.W. Craven, Sunday Times Bestselling author of the Washington Poe series"... deeply emotional, a dark rollercoaster ride." Ed James

What would you sacrifice to find your missing son? Solomon Gray is about to find out...When the lifeless body of sixteen-year-old Nick Buckingham is found at the foot of an apartment block, Detective Sergeant Solomon Gray is thrust into a relentless pursuit for answers. When what appears to be a straightforward case of suicide takes a dark turn as Gray discovers his own phone number saved in the victim's mobile. Yet the two of them have never met before...Haunted by the memory of his own missing son, Gray soon becomes consumed by the need to unearth the truth. As he delves deeper into the investigation, the dark underbelly of deceit and corruption reveals itself, entangling Gray in a treacherous web of lies. Nothing seems connected, yet the common thread remains: Gray himself.Gray risks everything to uncover the twisted secrets hidden within the shadows. But with each step Gray takes, the personal cost rises, and the line between justice and revenge blurs, all while Gray is haunted by the possibility that his son's fate may be intertwined with the very darkness he seeks to unravel.This gripping and suspenseful high-stakes struggle will test Gray's limits and force him to face the depths of human corruption.Dig Two Graves is the first in the No.1 Best-Selling Solomon Gray series. Set in the once grand town of Margate in the south of England, this police suspense thriller is perfect for fans of Ian Rankin, Stuart MacBride, and Peter James.

What Others Say

"Keith Nixon is one hell of a writer."Ken Bruen, author of the Jack Taylor series"A compelling murder mystery with a multilayered and engaging new hero. Great read."Mason Cross, author of the Carter Blake thriller series"A dark, uncompromising tale of loss, murder, and revenge. Glorious noir, which takes the police procedural elements and gives them new life. I can't wait to read the next step in Solomon Gray's journey for answers ..."Luca Veste, author of the Murphy and Rossi crime series"A damaged detective, haunted by a tragic past, a young son missing or dead, a man on a quest for redemption. Detective Sergeant Solomon Gray is a fine creation and Dig Two Graves is an intriguing, nourish mystery. Keith Nixon is a sparkling crime fiction talent."Howard Linskey, author of the Detective Ian Bradshaw crime series"Keith Nixon does for Margate what Peter James did for Brighton … As dark and brooding as the wind-lashed shores of the North Sea, and with its disturbing echoes of the Elm Guest House scandal and suggestions of deep-seated institutional corruption, Dig Two Graves is a superb addition to the rich Brit Crime scene."Tim Baker, CWA shortlisted author of Fever CityDig Two Graves is a smartly conceived introduction to a new series, and there are a good number of loose ends just waiting to tempt you to continue the journey."Crime Fiction Lover

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"It’s just too damned good, I loved it.""I haven’t given 5* for a while, this deserves it.""Read it, you won’t regret it.""What a joy.""Could not put it down.""Grittiness seeps out of this book from every pore.""The author has hooked me in yet again.""OMG loved this book!"“This is a must read."