Author: Jean Heller

Category: Mystery

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Three heart-stopping, hard-boiled mysteries at a sizzling price!Save over 50% on the Deuce Mora series!Deuce Mora’s one tough cookie–-a female sleuth with a conscience and an attitude–fiery, tough, athletic, a dirty fighter when she has to be. The scrappy lead columnist for the Chicago Journal normally writes about politics, and, rather than shying away from fights, she tends to pick them, but every once in a while, Deuce’s search for a good story brings her face to face with more trouble than she was really looking for. In award-winning (including two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist) journalist Jean Heller’s first action-packed mystery featuring the intrepid sleuth, Deuce learns in short order that

if you mess with organized crime, you


to be tough—and you’d better be as much detective as reporter

. The second volume finds Deuce on the wrong side of the NSA, the FBI


the CIA. At a minimum. Exhausted by these two white-knuckle investigations in one year, Deuce is content to focus on her column until she gains information that could help catch the relentless arsonist whose

Burning Rage

is consuming Chicago.

Fans of hard-boiled female protagonists should hang onto their fedoras-- this one’s an action-packed extravaganza!


Good reporters do not always good novelists make, but Jean Heller is both.

" --

The Boston Sunday Globe


Superb ... It reads like a multimillion-dollar movie thriller.

" --

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“Deuce … finds dead-ends and danger at every turn. Part journalism procedural, part character study,

THE SOMEDAY FILE is a humdinger of a mystery, the first of a welcome new series.

” --Paul Levine, author of

Bum Rap


Deuce uncovers a series of crimes committed over nearly six decades, and, as

her human interest story morphs into a hard-boiled, action-packed mystery, she finds herself dead center in a storm of threats and reprisals from the mob

. Fortunately, she has many allies, but at least one of them, she suspects, is hiding a secret–-

corruption? Murder? The veteran reporter knows: if you’re talking Chicago crime scene—it’s probably both



The grisly discovery of a human bone while Deuce is out for a hike with handsome arson investigator Mark Hearst leads to the unearthing of

a vast burial field, a human trafficking ring, and international intrigue

. The pull-no-punches columnist-- and meticulous detective-- keeps turning up information, but the Journal’s lawyer appears daily, bringing warnings about “national security.” What, Deuce seethes, could


a greater matter of national security than the safety of the city’s children, who are being kidnapped and murdered?


Whole blocks of Chicago real estate are falling to an arsonist, but no one knows why and everyone suspects the worst – terrorism. But no terrorist group has claimed the mayhem. From the moment she hears the earliest details of the first fire, her detective-instincts say the pieces don’t fit, and

every other instinct tells the hard-hitting reporter she can’t walk away from the story – even though she knows she’ll regret it.

WHO WILL LIKE IT: Fans of Chicago private investigators VI Warshawski and Libby Fischer Hellman’s Georgia Davis, get-the-story-or-die reporters like Hank Philippi Ryan’s Jane Ryland and Kelly Lange’s Maxi Poole, hard-boiled female protagonists like Marcia Muller’s Sharon McCone and Laura Lippman’s Tess Monaghan; and anyone who admires tough-minded women sleuths who’re good in a fight.