Author: Jon Schafer

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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Trapped in the Happy Hallow Insane asylum by thousands of the dead, Steve, Heather, Tick-Tock and the rest of the group search for a way out. With tens of thousands of reanimated corpses also coming towards them, time is running short as they plan a way to get Cindy, a ten-year old girl that is immune from the HWNW virus, to safety. She is their only hope for finding a cure to the disease that reanimates the dead into beings that are compelled to eat ravenously and crave human flesh, and she must be saved at all cost.When what is left of the dead weight that the group rescued from the Battleship Texas realize that it is a life and death struggle, they join in to fight for the group’s survival. But will it be enough?With a deadly landscape to cross, they will need help. Bandits scour the country as they search for food, fuel and firearms to stay alive, and the military is breaking down.The group may have reached a dead end…