Author: Jacqueline French

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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Discover the calming power of crystals and improve your mood.It's easy to use the natural benefits of crystals to relax and uplift for greater happiness and wellbeing. This lovely colour book gives you beautiful descriptions with clear images of commonly used crystals, making them easy to identify. Learn how to choose and use the crystals which are right for you, to relax, energise, reduce stress, attract good luck and so much more! Discover how working with crystals helps you learn more about yourself. This book makes it easy to choose which crystals to wear, place around your home, carry in your purse or put under your pillow for a better night’s sleep. Crystals rock! - Lovely full-colour crystal identifier. - Beautiful descriptions of crystals for the emotions. - Discover how to choose and work with crystals. - Learn about the 7 chakras and their attributes. - Discover how to improve wellbeing and happiness. - Clear crystal profiles with inspiring metaphysical descriptions for enhancing your life. - Discover mindfulness, chakra balancing, crystal grids and crystal elixirs. - Quick-finder of crystals for emotional wellbeing and happiness.