Author: Karen Frazier

Category: Spiritual & Inspirational

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Unlock the healing power of crystals with detailed crystal profiles and more than 200 healing crystal remedies.

The resonating energies of crystals have long been believed to hold the secrets to healing, well-being, and success. With Crystals for Healing, beginners and seasoned healers can address more than 90 of the most common states people struggle with or aspire to achieve, including anxiety, courage, grief, inspiration, emotional balance, love, worry, and dozens more.

Crystals for Healing is a comprehensive crystal bible, covering over 250 healing crystals, their unique healing properties, the influence of color, and each corresponding chakra Crystal meanings: This book provides detailed information on the meanings of healing crystals & gemstones, including their physical, emotional, and spiritual properties.With daily meditations and mantras, Crystals for Healing offers a truly holistic approach to healing and unearthing the deep connection between mind, body, and spiritGive the gift of crystal healing: As an enlightening and inspiring guide, this crystal encyclopedia makes a thoughtful gift for anyone interested in wellness, spirituality, personal growth and chakra healing

Create positive change and open yourself to a more fulfilling life through crystals and crystal healing.