Cowboy Stealing My Heart by Jessie Gussman

Author: Jessie Gussman

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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Five divorces, three boys, one snowstorm and two people who want to be anywhere other than where they are. Only God could use it all to make a beautiful love story.
Can two people who come from completely different worlds find common ground and build a family together?
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Reviewers Say:
????? "Jessie Gussman knows how to spin a story." - Avid Reader
????? "I absolutely love Jessie Gussman 's books. She always writes heartwarming stories that make me think." - MJ
????? "Jessie has written another remarkable story about being a movie star, being married and divorced 5 times. waiting for God to bring the right person into your life to love, caring for 3 children who are not your own, but whom you love unconditionally, and of course, falling in love." - Carol
????? "What an unlikely pair they were! I loved the way the author brought them together through the shenanigans of the quilters club, the needs of the boys, the goodness of the man, and the heartfelt need for connection and family that Calhoun, Bellamy, and the boys all found were met in one another. Such a pleasure to read!" - VVV
????? "OMG! This book turned my heart to mush." - Sheila
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