Author: BJ Bourg

Category: Mystery

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Books 22-24 (BUT NOT FOREGONE, BUT NOT FOR VENGEANCE, and BUT NOT FOREGATHERED) of the Amazon best-selling Clint Wolf Mystery Series by award-winning author BJ Bourg are now available as a boxed set.BUT NOT FOREGONEDuring his many years of working in law enforcement, Clint Wolf has investigated more than his share of bizarre cases. However, he has never worked a case where a dead man has come back to life…until now.While trying to help Clint figure out how something like this could happen, Amy Cooke stumbles upon an old newspaper article that details an unsolved case from nineteen years earlier. The details are sketchy, but it seems that a woman went missing after an argument with her husband. The husband’s story is fishy and the woman’s family suspects foul play, but there are no reports or evidence from back then to assist with the investigation, so Amy’s left trying to recreate the file from scratch.There’s a chance that neither case will be solved, but one thing can be counted on: Clint and Amy will die trying.BUT NOT FOR VENGEANCESlashed tires. A stolen truck. Three dead bodies...and many more injured.It's up to Detective Clint Wolf and his team to decide if this was an act of terror or a targeted attack.With so many injured and a crime scene that drags through the streets of Mechant Loup, Clint will need all hands on deck to solve this crime. That is, if they're able to. Sometimes, the good guys don't always win.Will this be one of those days?BUT NOT FOREGATHEREDOn a Monday afternoon in July, three Mechant Loup boys leave baseball practice on their bicycles…and vanish.The plan had been for Cory, Ruben, and Allen to camp in the woods east of town after baseball practice, but when they don’t return home the next morning, their parents call the police and report them missing. The worst part? A monster hurricane is rumbling toward the coast of Louisiana, and if the boys are caught out in the swamps during such a storm, they’ll surely perish.In a desperate race against time, Clint Wolf and Amy Cooke, along with the rest of the police department, begin a multi-pronged search for the boys. A kidnapping pulls Clint and Amy away from the search, but when good and evil come together in an old camp house during the height of the storm, they seem on the cusp of getting some answers. However, will they survive the killer in front of them and the storm raging above them in order to do anything with that information?