Author: Nina Lane

Category: Contemporary Romance

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I chase tornadoes—literally. And being a female scientist in my field means I need to be on my game at all times. Unshakable. Serious. Yes, even a little bitchy. The last thing I expect is a hot, intense biker like Archer West blazing into town and wanting a wild and reckless fling withme.Thanks to my not-so-squeaky past, I can’t afford any missteps at this point in my career. Translation: I have to keep the hell away from charming, dirty-talking, bad boy rebels like him. Not just because he’s an irresistible temptation, but also because he’s the estranged brother of a colleague.Unfortunately, it becomes abundantly clear the stubborn man has no intention of giving up, even if that means following me right into the eye of a storm. And while he may just be the only human on earth who seems to get me, he’s also the only one capable of making me lose control.I’m not actually sure which terrifies me more…or what'll break me first.? New 2020 edition! ?NOTE: This is a standalone novel starring Archer, the brother of Dean West from the Spiral Trilogy. Reading Dean’s trilogy first isn’t at all required to enjoy Archer and Kelsey’s story. But, doing so will mean you get to meet TWO hunky, swoony West brothers (so, yay! lol). Happy reading!"A brilliant, rich and SCORCHING hot storm of a love story." --The Book Bellas??"Romance at its most beautiful, angst and tension at its peak. The writing in this story is simply magnificent. Special. Classy. Sexy. Perfect." -- Angie and Jessica's Dreamy Reads