Author: E. Chris Ambrose

Category: Thriller & Suspense

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A legendary lost tomb…a sunken Nazi secret…a Templar betrayal!Indiana Jones meets Special Forces in the first three Bone Guard adventures…Grab the first 3 books in the action-packed thriller series today!Travel the world punching Nazis and searching for lost historical treasures—while outracing the Chinese army, border vigilantes and a guy who thinks he’s the hereditary King of Jerusalem! From the Mongolian steppes to a B-29 graveyard to the Dead Cities of Syria, adventure awaits.Ex-special forces Grant Casey leads the Bone Guard team, combining his interest in history with a certain set of skills to locate and defend cultural artifacts. Smart, fast and daring, Grant’s the guy you want on your side.His tattoos record the times he should’ve died…and these three adventures will give him plenty more reasons for ink…“What a ride! Action—Check! History—Check! Blowing crap up—Double Check!If you like James Rollins or Dan Brown then this is right up your alley.”~a satisfied Bookbub readerThe Mongol’s Coffin: Bone Guard 1Grant Casey, freshly expelled from the military, rescues a grad student from assassination and joins her hunt for the lost tomb of Genghis Khan—before the Chinese can destroy their ancient enemy once and for all.The Nazi Skull: Bone Guard 2A sunken U-boat, a desert hit squad, a family secret that might bury this veteran forever!When Grant’s estranged grandfather is beaten half to death, the secrets of his past unravel as the desert night explodes into violence. Will Grant find the most famous skeleton ever lost, or join the bones in their eternal rest?The Assassin’s Throne: Bone Guard 3Grant thinks he’ll catch a break in The Assassin’s Throne—but he reckoned without the ancient guild of Assassins or the rebirth of the Knights Templar, and the madman who would be king! When he infiltrates the knighthood to uncover their deadly schemes, Grant will be lucky to escape with his life—and stop a terrorist cell bent on sparking war.The Bone Guard is on the job, and the legend’s about to get real. Buy the first Bone Guard collection to join the adventure.Please note: these books feature ex-military characters in all their strength and reality—there’s gonna be some cursing. If that concerns you, maybe check out my Rogue Adventure series instead.