Author: Sheena Jolie

Category: LGBTQ+

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Set in the Infinite Arcana Universe, BLOOD OMEN is a fascinating peek into the wider world of the Beacon Hill Sorcerer by SJ Himes....

Remi has been doing the same job for the last two thousand years: specialist courier of valuable magical objects and sensitive information. Sent on a mission to get a powerful talisman to the City Master of the Boston Bloodclan, Remi ends up with an unexpected complication: Celyn, a beautiful fae college student who was in the right place at the wrong time.Celyn was instantly attracted to the sexy vampire when they met by chance at a pub. Thinking he was about to experience the best hook-up of his life, Celyn never expected to end up running across the streets of Budapest with Remi while the High Council of Sorcery was trying to kill them.Dodging spells and holing up in secret lairs, Remi and Celyn find something even rarer than the object Remi carries: a chance at true love.

BLOOD OMEN is an MM vampire/fae romance featuring a laid-back vampire with a dangerous profession, an adventurous fae college student with some interesting gifts of his own, and a connection to the ongoing battle between the High Council of Sorcery and the infamous Necromancer of Boston, Angel Salvatore...Reading order is not essential, and for reference, this novella of 22k words takes place after LOVE SPRINGS ETERNAL in the BHS timeline. Features extended character cameos from BHS regulars. Previously released through Prolific Works in 2022. No changes to the text have been made. Sheena Jolie is the new pen name of the author formerly known as

SJ Himes