Author: Solomon Carter

Category: Mystery & Crime Fiction

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A ruthless gang terrorizes a local council estate. One night they go too far - but a lone warrior has had enough. Can he survive the fight of his life?

The gang is not alone - and though the lone warrior does not know it, he too is being watched.

Meet Simon, the Man in the Mask, the dark star of the thrilling vigilante crime series, BLACK & GOLD. This boxed set edition comprises the first three ripping yarns of the Black and Gold vigilante justice adventures.


In a ghetto occupied by a ruthlessly violent youth gang, one man is ready to stand up for the silent majority. One man... One mask... and enough righteous anger to bring the world crashing down upon the heads of the gang and its leaders.


The looming tower blocks of the Kingsmere Estate are home to every kind of menace. It's a place many fear to tread. Early one morning a man on a mission comes knocking - and he isn't going away. But organized crime and deadly criminals are intent on his demise. When Simon sees an incident unfolding he must decide whether to stand and fight or live another day.


As rumours circulate of a dangerous protection racket blackmailing the businesses of the town, Jess plays the sleuth. But there is a ruthless new team in town. Is Jess playing with fire at the worst possible time? For the vigilante, life is getting more dangerous by the day. From hunter to hunted, from cold-blooded animal to protector - could it be that the Man in the Mask is losing his way?

And when the streets are filled with blood the masked vigilante and his companion will face their greatest tests. They must beware... because in the heat of battle anything can happen.

Three gripping stories. Great value entertainment.Grab your copy of this action-packed boxed set now!