Author: Ingo Blum

Category: Children and Middle Grade

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Sometimes It Takes So Little To Be BIG."A giant of a fable aimed at kids who frequently feel small, overlooked and like they just don't matter." Rating: 5.0 stars from Readers' FavoriteCircus Wilson has many famous performers. One of them is Lee the flea. But Lee has a problem: He is little. The audience never really can see him, only his sparkling and distinctive yellow pants. One day he takes a decision that will change his life forever. See how Lee’s defection causes so much uproar in the Circus Wilson. Lee does matter, and watching Director Wilson as he searches for Lee is entertaining indeed. Where could a flea be hiding, anyway? The vivid color illustrations of this book make reading very easy and funny. The text is simple and partly repetitive, suitable for early age learning. A book to help children who feel overlooked and like they just don't matter. For kids ages 2+. The print version of this book includes 4 extra pages for coloring.