Author: Eric Wilder

Category: Mystery & Crime Fiction

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"Forget about it, Wyatt. It's the Big Easy."

Step into the sultry streets of New Orleans and enter a world of voodoo, mystery, and murder in this gripping crime thriller. N.O.P.D. homicide detective Tony Nicosia faces the biggest challenge of his career: a sadistic killer who revels in the ritualistic murder of his victims. With voodoo as the only link, Tony turns to French Quarter private investigator Wyatt Thomas and voodoo mambo Mama Mulate, to unravel the mystery and bring the killer to justice.As Tony and Mama delve deeper into the world of voodoo, they discover a shocking truth: the killer is none other than a former U.S. senator and a prominent member of New Orleans’ high society. With the clock ticking and the stakes higher than ever, Tony must navigate the treacherous waters of local politics and corruption to stop the killer before it is too late.Meanwhile, Wyatt and Mama are hired by a wealthy patron to locate his mother’s grave, leading them on a dangerous journey through the city’s underbelly. Wyatt’s client’s attractive daughter Celeste, enamors him, further complicating the situation. As the tension builds to a heart-stopping climax, Wyatt finds himself in the crosshairs of two N.O.P.D. officers determined to take down the voodoo killer, even if it means sacrificing innocent lives.Will Wyatt survive, and will Tony and his team solve the case before the killer strikes again? Find out in this riveting crime thriller set in the Big Easy.“Reads like a collaboration between Charlaine Harris and James Lee Burke.”“A funny, upbeat, sometimes creepy, hellishly fast read.”“A roller-coaster of intrigue set in that exotic, erotic Mecca known as New Orleans.”“A murder mystery that steeps the reader in home-cooking down south, Creole and voodoo.”“Loved the integration of magic with real-life along with a dash of local cuisine.”“Every page vibrates with the pulse of the city - the heat, the booze, the cuisine, the sex, the excess, the hedonism, the voodoo.”“Went ahead and bought the whole series. You have to read the series. You won't be disappointed.”“While I couldn’t wait to see how it ended, I was sorry when it did.”“Great characters, mile-a-minute plot, wonderful ending.”“This should be on the must-read list for mystery fans!”“I could almost smell those sweating bodies, had a feeling I could touch the tomcat’s fur, and taste the gumbo.”