Author: Kate Aster

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Mason Adler:
Hot. Cocky. Sugar-coated Bad Boy.
The type of man who knocks the big “O” clear to the front of the alphabet every time.
Wrap up that eight-pack with Navy khakis and top it off with a shiny SEAL Trident, the kind that makes the girls swoon.
That’s Mason. My best friend.
For me, he’s off limits. Now that I've finished college, I need to focus on my writing career. And without his help, I don’t stand a chance.
But I need something from him. Something only he can give me.
So I’ll pull the blinds. I’ll toss my inhibitions. I’ll call it “research.” And I won’t let my heart get involved, especially with him leaving at the end of the week. Leaving me … even though my very soul is still in his grasp.