Albert Smith’s Culinary Capers by Steve Higgs

Author: Steve Higgs

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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Baking. It can get a guy killed.

‘When Steve Higgs writes, he hits it out of the park. I find myself laughing out loud and often.’

When a retired detective superintendent chooses to take a culinary tour of the British Isles, he hopes to find tasty treats and delicious bakes …

… what he finds is murder, mayhem, and mystery everywhere he goes.

His dog, Rex Harrison, a former police dog fired for having a bad attitude, does his best to steer the humans in the right direction, but he cannot understand why they don’t just use their noses – the answers are right there if they would just employ their strongest sense!

However, solving a few mysteries won’t get them out of trouble, for there is a master criminal behind many of the crimes they encounter, and they’ve just caught his attention.

Their adventure is getting deadlier with every destination, but these two sleuths are not going to be put off. With Rex’s keen sense of smell and Albert’s decades of experience as a detective, this pair are on the trail.

Or are they being lured into a trap?

One thing is for certain, they had better figure it out soon or they might be the next victims.

‘This series has it all; everything I want in a story and series ... humour, suspense, and colourful characters. It’s one of my top all-time favourite series.’
Books contained in this boxed set:
Pork Pie Pandemonium
Bakewell Tart Bludgeoning
Stilton Slaughter
Bedfordshire Clanger Calamity
Death of a Yorkshire Pudding
Cumberland Sausage Shocker
Arbroath Smokie Slaying
Dundee Cake Deception
Lancashire Hotpot Peril
Blackpool Rock Bloodshed

This series of books contain no cussing and graphic descriptions of violence or bedroom activities.
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