A Wicked Mercy by Bilinda P. Sheehan

Author: Bilinda P. Sheehan

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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He’s in your home… and you don’t even know it.
Not everything is as it seems in this sleepy Yorkshire village.DI Drew Haskell is a no nonsense detective recovering from a devastating personal loss. When a number of young people turn up dead in a sleepy Yorkshire village, Haskell believes a murderer is on the loose but his boss isn’t so sure and won’t authorise an investigation. Breaking the rules is Haskell’s only chance at solving this case, and he’s never been afraid to colour outside the lines.Teaming up with criminal profiler Harriet Quinn, the only other person who believes a murderer is at large, Haskell opens up a can of worms that triggers a deadly sequence of events.Can they stop the killer before he finds another victim?A Wicked Mercy is the first novel in the DI Haskell and Quinn Crime Thriller series and is set against the stunning backdrop of North Yorkshire, with its moors, seascapes, and picturesque villages. If you love dark police procedurals with pulse-pounding twists, and the exploration of psychologically twisted characters then this book is for you. Read more