Author: Steve Gannon

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"From Amazon bestselling author Steve Gannon, thrillers that will keep you up all night . . . but lock your doors and windows first!"

From the drama of the High Sierra to the beaches of Malibu and the crime-filled streets of Los Angeles, "A Song for the Asking" tells the story of a family struck by tragedy . . . and of the courage each member must find to survive. Filled with candor, compassion, and humor, "A Song for the Asking" is a deeply moving novel that celebrates the enduring strength of the family spirit.

"Rarely does a first novel come along that is both electrifying and unflinching in its portrayal of a family in turmoil. In an intense and poignant debut that brings to mind the powerful dramas of Pat Conroy, Steve Gannon tells a story that is quite unforgettable. Deeply moving, compelling, and filled with candor and compassion, "A Song for the Asking" is, in a word, remarkable, and signals the emergence of a major new talent" Bantam Editorial Review

" . . . well-drawn, convincing characters" Kirkus Reviews

"Gannon writes brilliantly of the high hopes and shattered dreams, the love, laughter, tears, and pain that make up the family experience. His wonderfully dense and complex characters and his provocative plot combine to produce a heartrending, heartrending novel. An impressive debut." Booklist
What Readers Are Saying About Steve Gannon's novels

“Steve Gannon is right up there with DeMille, Child, Baldacci, and Connelly’s Bosch. Settle in by the fire and enjoy.” ~ Jessie N. Bridges

“Powerful . . . Gannon writes brilliantly of the love, laughter, and tears that make up the family experience.” ~ Booklist

“I savored every word, my emotions soaring and plummeting in the hands of this talented author.” ~ Muddy Rose Reviews

“Definitely one of my favorite authors over the past few years. Superb storyteller and writer.” ~ BrentW

“There are only a few authors who keep me up all night to finish their story and Steve Gannon is now on my list.” ~ Keri

“I read all the time - love Vince Flynn, Russell Blake, Robert Crais among the many incredible authors. Steve is right in there now that I'm reading the Kane series - please keep them coming.” ~ Nan L. Thompson

Readers’ and Critics’ Praise For Steve Gannon

“Stunned! Moved me more than words can say.” ~ Daniel

“The Best! Steve Gannon again thrills, and just as with all his work, you won't be able to put this one down. So . . . feed the kids, and tell the husband or wife you’re busy, and read, read, read!” ~ Debra Vogel

“Brilliant, moving, penetrating gem of a novel. At times I laughed out loud; at times I couldn't stop the tears - it was that moving. This book deserves an unquestioned five stars.” ~ Skye Hye

“Exciting and emotionally gripping - highly recommended.” ~ Suncoast (Amazon Top 500 Reviewer)

“One of my favorite series. I've laughed, gotten mad, and even cried through these books. Highly recommend.” ~ CV

“Well-drawn, convincing characters . . .” ~ Kirkus Reviews

“Hang on for the ride! This is the first book I have given 5 stars to in the last 75 books I've read.” ~ P.A. Dail

“Another gem! Couldn't put it down” ~ Greg C

“Intense and deeply emotional. What a rollercoaster ride!” ~ Arlene Adams

“This novel has it all . . . the best I've read all year (out of hundreds!) I am looking forward to reading other works by this talented author.” ~ BooksthroughBifocals

“Every scene feels as if you are there . . .This is one of the few books that I've ever read that has actually brought tears to my eyes. It's super reading at it's best.” ~ OldTimeCop

“One of the BEST. A terrific story and as well written as anything I have read. Better than James Patterson or either Kellermans.” ~ Joseph McCusker

“OMG! A Must Read!!!! I just finished this wonderfully written novel. This book had me from the start and wouldn't let me go.” ~ SDFlash