Author: Anthony Slayton

Category: Mystery

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When a young woman is found murdered in the Earl of Unsworth’s garden, his loyal secretary, Mr. Quayle, must uncover the truth in this "English country house mystery infused with humor, verve, and plenty of surprises." (Kirkus Reviews)“I do not wish to disturb you, your lordship, but there is a body in the garden…”England, 1925. No one knew who the dead woman was—not Lord Unsworth or his sister, not his niece or his nephew, nor any of His Lordship’s other increasingly distant relations—no one. Or so they claimed.But the police soon have other ideas, impertinent, dangerous ideas, and when their suspicions dare fall on one of the family, Lord Unsworth turns to his loyal secretary, Mr. Quayle to solve the case.Quiet, methodical, and eminently efficient, Mr. Quayle has been Lord Unsworth’s personal secretary for almost a year now, but their connection runs far deeper. Unable to protect His Lordship’s only son-and-heir during the War, Mr. Quayle is determined to find the true culprit and save Lord Unsworth’s remaining family—from themselves, if necessary.With a cast of intriguing characters and a plot full of twists and turns, “A Most Efficient Murder” offers an intriguing blend of humor and suspense—an Agatha-Christie-style whodunit that will keep you guessing until the final pageA Most Efficient Murder is the first Mr. Quayle Mystery.ALSO BY ANTHONY SLAYTONTHE MR. QUAYLE MYSTERIESBook 0: A QUITE DEADLY AFFAIRBook 1: A MOST EFFICIENT MURDERBook 2: A RATHER DASTARDLY DEATH